SCADA System Integration and Maintanance :

  •  We have the qualifications and the years of experience in automated controls, with decades among our personnel.
  • We perform SCADA installations, including design and programming, PLC and HMI Software installation and programming ensuring secure fast communications between your control center and the many field devices.
  • We perform all equipment and instrumentation integration with all future and existing systems.
  • We are highly qualified in all aspects of SCADA control including PLC's and the many communications formats. 

Electrical Systems Installations & Maintenance :

  • We provide the professional advice and solutions you need for all your electrical needs.
  • We perform new and refurbished electrical installations, and rest assured your small projects are subject to the same planning and comprehensive treatment just as a large electrical installation. 
  • With our qualified professionals you're assured a system that achieves electrical systems efficiency; obtain peak performances while keeping consumption and electrical cost to a minimum.
  • We also perform maintenance & preventive maintenance ensuring increased electrical efficiency and reduced electrical costs.
  • Our team is professional, qualified and fully licensed.
  • Our personnel can perform all your electrical needs.
  • We install stand along medium and low voltage well motor starters. Our personnel are familiar with all controls involved with the well motor.